Hair Extensions

Are you thinking I want awesome hair and I want it right now? Hair extensions really can be your BFF!

We work with Beauty Works, Sway & Hair Kings hair extensions in Cupar because we love the undetectable results and unrivalled selection of colours that can be beautifully blended with your hair.

Hair extensions are your perfect solution if you want Rapunzel-like locks, have hair that will not grow past a certain length, or fancy adding a chemical-free pop of colour to your hair.

Hair extensions in cupar fife

Hair extensions to add length

Beauty Works hair extensions are available in up to 26-inch lengths, so we really can give you the hair you’ve always dreamed off.

At your consultation, your extensionist will look at the health, length and thickness of your natural hair to learn whether super long extension are an option for you.

You could also choose extensions for a little added length and to add weight to the ends of the hair for a classier, healthier finish.

Add colour to your hair with extensions

Do you love the idea of a pop of colour or a beautiful balayage, but feel limited because you’re allergic to hair colour?

Maybe you’re a bit of a commitment-phobe so would rather not have something that you’ll need to grow out?

You’re not alone.

Hair extensions are for the answer. We’ve helped so many clients get the colour that enhances their hair without the commitment.

Hair fillers to turn back the clock

As you hit a certain time in life, your hair can start to get a little thinner around the front and sides, which can start to affect your youthful appearance.

There’s an easy solution to that.

Some strategically places hair extension will add extra volume to your hair for a plumping effect, just like fillers in the face.

Your extensionist will use bonds or tapes depending on what’s going to look the most natural in your hair for undetectable results that will boost your confidence.

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It all starts with a consultation where we can get a feel of what you’d like your hair to look like and you can get a feel for how we’ll enhance your look with extensions and what the cost will be.


When you’ve decided extensions are for you, we’ll colour match your hair and get it ordered. At this stage, you’ll need to pay a deposit.


The magic happens at your fitting appointment. We can’t wait to see your face when your new hair is revealed!


During your hair extension appointment in Cupar, you’ll get all the advice you need to keep your extensions in the best possible condition. You’ll also be given an aftercare pack.


Hair extensions take maintenance, so we’ll book you back in to check on your bonds in a couple of weeks. Depending on the type of extension you have, we’ll book you a re-fitting appointment too.