Creative Hair Colour

Can we share a little secret with you? Great looking hair is all about the condition.

To transform your tresses into silky, smooth perfection that stays frizz-free whatever the weather, showcases your colour or brings out the best in your cut, you need an intensive treatment or smoothing treatment in Cupar.

Alex Thaddeus your go-to salon for top-notch smoothing systems, using the incredible Kerasilk treatment, for results that are fantastic for your hair from the outside in.

We also specialize in revitalizing and improving the quality of your hair using magic elixirs (Olaplex and K18) that are designed to repair, strengthen, and nourish your locks from within.

Say goodbye to lacklustre and damaged hair and say hello to a mane that’s healthy, shiny, and ready to slay.


So you want to tame your frizzy, unruly locks, reduce your styling time in the mornings and have hair that is more manageable. Step this way for a life-changing Smoothing Treatment.

We use Kerasilk because it’s SO kind to the hair and leaves it smooth and easy to manage for up to 5 months. Because it’s gentle on the hair and the scalp, you may be able to have a Kerasilk treatment even if you haven’t been able to have a smoothing treatment in the past.

Prices based on your hair length. From £125.


Hair treatments repair and strengthen damaged strands, improving your hair’s health and appearance. With reduced breakage and enhanced texture, you’ll enjoy smoother, shinier locks and longer-lasting colour.

We work with Olaplex and K18 because they are amazing! Your stylist will personalize the treatment to address your specific needs, ensuring exceptional results.

We also offer take-home treatments for ongoing hair maintenance, just like a prescription for the health of your hair.

We believe in planning your colour journey, we will work closely with you to get you your dream hair colour, but if you’re looking for a dramatic colour change to your Afro hair it may take multiple appointments to get to your end goal.

Our skilled colourists have a deep understanding of the intricacies of colouring Afro hair, ensuring that the colours blend seamlessly and complement your skin tone. We can’t wait to welcome you into the salon. Book your consultation now.