Say Goodbye to Your Grey Hair at Alex Thaddeus…

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Do you know the number one reason Gen X clients come to the salon? It is to cover grey hair, hoping to achieve subtle, natural, flawless coverage.

Although there’s nothing we can do about going grey, we can make the decision whether to embrace it or try and cover it. It’s an individual choice and there’s no right or wrong – in fact, more and more clients are accepting their greys – but for those who do want to blend them away, there are plenty of options to try here at Alex Thaddeus, Fife.

Luckily for you, we are experts in colour here at Alex Thaddeus, and we have years of experience both transitioning clients hair to grey; and help them maintain an alternative shade.  We’re here to give you the lowdown on your grey hair journey.

Why is grey hair coarse and dry?

Not all grey hair takes on that coarse, dry texture. In fact, for many clients, those sparkly strands can be fine and even wispy.

Whatever the texture, hair and scalp produce less oil as the pigment decreases, which is why you may notice a wiry texture.

So, what does this mean to you? The hair is dehydrated and requires regular conditioning treatments to replace the lost natural oils.

Don’t worry…we can recommend a treatment that is personalised to your hair type to keep your hair hydrated and glossy. Just ask us at your next visit!

Carrying out a grey coverage consultation: 

When we hear a client tell us they want to book their first grey coverage appointment, we always advise to schedule in a consultation first.

At your consultation we can discuss the right path for your grey journey, find the look you desire and assess how much grey hair is present. We’ll also do your skin test which must be done prior to your colour appointment.

Mid-length a-line bobExpect us to ask you some of these questions (and a few more!). These include:

-What type of coverage do you want?
-Are you hoping for a soft blend or a more opaque/full coverage?
-What is your long term vision for your grey hair?

Your answer will help us to decide the right shade, application technique  and products to achieve your desired look.

Transitioning to grey at Alex Thaddeus 

If you’re ready to embrace your grey hair, then good for you! It can be a real fashion statement that can be left as its natural tone or enhanced with a toner.

grey pixie cutIt’s a bit of a journey to transition to grey and it usually starts with some spatula highlights to create a less blunt line as the colour grows out. Some clients maintain this indefinitely, while others use this a process to grown down their grey hair over time.

If you’ve always had naturally dark hair, your transition to grey is likely to include going lighter over time. Initially this will create less visible regrowth and over time it will make the transition much less obvious.

While permanent colour offers complete coverage, it requires more regular maintenance because it creates a stronger regrowth line as it grows out. Whereas a demi- or semi-permanent colour creates a soft blend and fades as it grows out, but you will need to come back sooner.

Are you ready to start your grey hair journey? Or have you just noticed a few grey hairs coming through and need advice? We’d love to help you. Book yourself a colour consultation in Fife and we’ll see you soon at Alex Thaddeus.