Choose to Chat or Chill at Alex Thaddeus

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Do you find the trip to the salon a little bit overwhelming? Do you love getting your hair done but dread the actual appointment itself?

We hear you. At Alex Thaddeus Salon, we totally understand the social aspect of the salon experience is not for everyone. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new concept of “Chill” or “Chat” hair appointments, putting you in control of your own salon experience.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll see your Chat or Chill boards at your styling stations when you arrive, and you can choose which option you display for your stylist to see.

Chill Appointment: If you’re craving a moment of relaxation and serenity, opt for a Chill appointment. During your Chill appointment, you can unwind in peace, enjoy a quiet atmosphere, and indulge in some well-deserved “me time.” Our talented stylists will work their magic while respecting your desire for a quieter experience.

Chat Appointment: Prefer a bit of chit chat during your hair appointment? Is there anything you need to vent? Choose a Chat appointment, where you can connect with your stylist, share stories, and enjoy the company of a vibrant salon atmosphere. Our friendly team is here to make your time in the salon enjoyable and memorable.

Gone are the days of feeling unsure about whether to engage in conversation or enjoy a moment of tranquillity during your hair appointment. With our new Chill or Chat option, you can decide the atmosphere that best suits your mood and preferences right from the start.

Our goal at Alex Thaddeus Salon is to ensure that every moment of your hair appointment is exactly as you envision it. You ready to enjoy a hair appointment on your terms? Book online or call us on 01334 650040.