Thinking of having Creative Colour in Fife? Read this first…

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Do you love the idea of Creative Colour? Have you been tempted by the idea of colour but have asked yourself if you can get away with it?

Well, we’re here to set the record straight. Creative Colour isn’t something you ‘get away’ with. It’s something you own. It can boost your confidence, looks and feels fantastic.

A lot of people shy away from vivids and pastels because they’re worried about what friends, family or their work might think. Or sometimes they’re not sure how creative or bold they could go and what their options are, so they play it safe.

At Alex Thaddeus we’ve created incredible results, and we want to tell you that creative colour can be for anyone. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about a first foray into head-turning hair that is bright and beautiful.

I’d like to add some vibrant colour to my hair, but I don’t want it to look too in your face. What would work for me?
Vivid or pastel hair colour should always be beautiful, and it can actually be quite sophisticated – it just needs to be applied in the right way for you. If you’d rather not have an all-over vibrant colour or a rainbow bright colour bleed there are plenty of options. A good starting point could be peekaboo colour, where we’ll apply a little piece of fun subtly hidden underneath the top section.

Another option is to subtly weave through some very fine pieces or highlights in an understated way. Or exploring a pretty pastel toner blended into your blonde.

We also have clients who start with a face frame of some beautifully coloured pieces to brighten up their visage.

There are lots of bright coloured dyes in Boots, why should I get my rainbow bright done in the salon?
The main reason for coming to visit our salon in Fife rather than the counter in Boots is that the end result will be incomparable. That is partly down to how the colour looks, but it is also about how it feels because home bleach and tones invariably frazzle the hair and leave you having to deal with hair breakage.

If you’ve got a talent for it and have watched online tutorials, you may be able to create a block colour on the cheap, but you won’t be able to use multiple techniques that create the expensive looking finish most people crave. And if you’re vivid hair colour needs pre-lightening first, we’ve got the products that will do that in a gentle way that cares for the integrity of your hair. 

I’m based in Fife and I know I want some creative colour on my hair. What now?
What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone – or click here – and get yourself booked in for a consultation.

At your colour consultation, we’ll start to get photos from Instagram and Pinterest to find the tones you’re looking at. We’ll consider both the palette and the intensity of the colour so we can get a feel for your vibe. We’ll also be taking into consideration all the usual things we discuss at a colour consultation like analysing your eye colour, your skin tone and the way you dress to come up with a look you’re going to love.

How long does vivid hair colour last for?
The longevity of your colour will depend on what we use and the porosity of your hair. For most clients we’ll use Topchic Vivids or Elumen vivids, but we could use a Colorance Toner. It will depend on the condition of your hair and what you want it to look like.

If you just wanted a colour pop for a special occasion or an event, we would use Elumen Play. It looks fantastic and then washes out because it doesn’t use a developer.

In contrast, if you’d like a really bright colour, we’d pre-lighten your hair and then colour it with Elumen which will last for 5-6 weeks. If you’re really committed to your vivid colour, we can make it last even longer by adding a Colour Lock which means your colour will grow out rather than fading out.

I’ve got dark hair, can I have vivid colour applied on top?
If you’ve got dark hair it will need to be pre-lightened first. A lot of people think that means it will need to be bleached to a very light base, but that’s not necessarily true.

It will depend on your natural colour and the result you’re looking for, but it can often just be a few shades.

Is there anything I should know about getting creative colour at Alex Thaddeus?
Yes! We’d always recommend you have a bonding treatment if you’re having your hair lightened because it will look after condition. We could use Olaplex or Goldwell Bond Pro to restore the health of your hair. They’re both really great products that can make all the difference to the end result and the longevity of your colour.

How much will creative colour cost me?
Creative colour should always be priced on consultation because it will depend on what pre-lightening you need, what the right bonding service is for your hair and, how many pieces of colour you’re having.

If you’d like to know how much your dream look would be, come and have a consultation and we’ll do a strand test and a patch test at the same time to begin your creative colour journey.


Interested? Before you book your colour consultation, here’s a final word on creative colour with award-winning colourist Alex Thaddeus.

“When someone goes for a vibrant colour it’s because they’re embracing life, they want to be seen! I have clients from 16-86 who wear creative colour. It’s not the vibrancy what matters is the colour match and creating something that will really complement your identity. I’m confident that my team and I could create a vibrant look that you would fall in love with.”

 Book in for a colour Consultation to discuss Creative Colour today, call the salon on 01334 650040